Seven Lessons from the Past for Cities in the Future

Although the air raid still tears the air in most Ukrainian cities and communities, it is necessary to discuss their restoration and development today. This makes sense in both moral and practical ways. Now we can hardly imagine what the post-war Mariupol, Kharkiv or Bucha will be like, but the war offers a chance to eradicate the Soviet legacy in its numerous features. Focusing on the best international practices, one should also take into account the already accumulated experience of their adaptation by Ukrainian municipalities. These lessons of the past can serve as the basis of the Ukrainian culture of sustainable urbanism.

article by Myroslav Kosheliuk, Urs Thomann, Iryna Ozymok
18.05.2022, 9 pm

Article by Myroslav Kosheliuk, Urs Thomann and Iryna Ozymok about rebuilding Ukraine´s Cities.

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