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pan for Ukraine is a platform initiative of the schools of planning and architecture
in Germany to support Ukrainian students and scientists.

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Welcome to all Ukrainian students.

On this Website you will find universities throughout Germany. You can continue your studies at these universities.You will also get the appropriate help and support.

The students of urban planning and architecture are most welcome to contact the universities and the listed contact persons
and make use of the programmes and offers (
click here).

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Welcome to all universities

Every university is invited to share information about contact persons and offers at German universities for Ukrainian students and scientists in the field of urban planning and architecture. For sharing your information please use this form (follow this link)

To all universities please subscribe to the newsletter for further coordination. 

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pan for Ukraine is an initiative by German planning schools represented by Detlef Kurth, Frank Schwartze, Mario Tvrtkovic, Silke Weidner and Christoph Wessling, coordinated by Fachgruppe Stadt, Technische Hochschule Lübeck

contact: info@panforukraine.de