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For more than three months, since the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops in February 2022, the
people of Germany have been supporting Ukraine in all possible ways. They send aid directly to
Ukraine, but also offer accommodation and all kinds of support here in Germany to people who had to
leave their country because of Russian aggression.

The non-profit Hans Sauer Foundation, which specifically promotes technical and social innovations
that integrate ethical, ecological and intercultural issues into the innovation process, sees it as its duty
to become active and show solidarity with the people of Ukraine in the current situation. She is now
calling for initiatives via Home not Shelter!, the platform for livable social spaces supported by the
Hans Sauer Foundation. We are looking for projects, ideas and studies to help Ukrainians who have found
accommodation in Germany to integrate into society and feel at home in Germany for as long as
they want to stay


You can find all the information and details about this call for >HERE< or visit this link:

English version is on page 8
Ukraine version is on page 14

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