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Regeneration is not only a theme of local importance, but a global challenge that all countries must face, both developed and developing ones. The issues that comprehensive regeneration efforts seek to tackle concern cities on all continents. More than half of today’s world population lives in cities, and by 2050 this number will reach 70%; only 14% of the people of the world’s wealthiest countries will live outside urban areas. Regeneration of urban areas involves not only renovations of entire streets or city blocks. Still, it is primarily about finding solutions for improving the social and economic situation of the local community. The transformations caused by the regeneration process bring not only expected positive consequences. They also contribute to the emergence of processes and phenomena that adversely affect the local community. Among them is a relocation of residents who cannot afford to live in renovated tenement houses, and gentrification begins. Some local entrepreneurs close their activities. There is also a problem with the effective use of public money and the creation of new functions in the city.

The regeneration process requires in-depth analysis, comparison of case studies, and searching for good practices. Sharing knowledge will allow for better preparation of a holistic approach to regeneration operation.

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27 June to 30 June 2023, Faculty of Economics and Sociology University of Lodz Poland

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