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Urban planning in Ukraine: As it is and as it could be. By Daryna Pasyuta and Fulco Treffers

Urban planning in Ukraine is in urgent need to be updated. Fulco Treffers and Daryna Pasyuta will talk about the current urban regulations and tools that are used in the Ukraine today and sugges some possible new ones. Further they’ll give an overview of the urban projects Ro3kvit is currently involved in. How do you make urban plans during the war?

Daryna Pasyuta is the architect and urban planner with 15 years of experience in Ukraine. She has been working with developing strategies, general plans for localities, detailed plans of territories and other spatial planning documentation. Now architect at Inbo (Eindhoven, the Netherlands).

Fulco Treffers is the lead architect and urbanist 12N Urban Matters, Head and tutor MA Kharkiv School of Architecture, co-initiator and task force’s project manager of Ro3kvit coalition. Specialism: social urban design, participation and communities.

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