The Reconstruction of Ukraine – Ruination / Representation / Solidarity

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A Symposium of Ideas and Strategies held from 9-11 Sepetember 2022 (Online)

The reconstruction of Ukraine – carried out not only after but also during a protracted, brutal war – must entail a process of the re-assertion of Ukrainian sovereignty over the country’s built environment as well as its economic, social and cultural fabric. The process of reconstruction should be led by Ukrainian actors and Ukrainian institutions; and it should be informed by a deep knowledge and experiential grounding in Ukrainian culture, society and heritage.

Although reconstruction must be a Ukrainian-led project, it ought also to be undergirded by non-invasive but far-reaching and sustainable international support in terms of funding, expertise and shared knowledge. In this respect, solidarity is a multi-directional process. Reconstruction can usefully be informed by sensitive, empathetic, ecumenical comparisons with other places and contexts which have undergone – or are still undergoing – processes of ruination and renewal.

Re-Live: The reconstruction of Ukraine | Symposium

Day 1 – 09.09.2022

Day 2 – 10.09.2022

Day 3 – 11.09.2022

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