This fourth lecture of the series will be given by three of our Ukrainian collegues and moderated by Prof. Frank Schwartze: In the first part

Hilmar von Lojewski has been an alderman for urban development, construction, housing and transport for the Association of Cities of North Rhine-Westphalia and the German

About The Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development and Building has launched a German-Ukrainian Learning Network for Integrated Urban Development. Five cities from Ukraine (Lviv,

Prof. Dr. Stefan Greiving is a spatial planner and has more than 25 years’ experience in dealing with extreme events, crises and climate change in

This follow-up lecture series discusses the relevant topics for resilient post-war cities in Ukraine – in the context of integrated urban development and the New

What is it about? The online writing group is designed for BA, MA and PhD students of all fields of study who are about to

Prof. Dr. János Brenner is an urban planner in Berlin and honorary professor at the Technical University in Budapest. Retired as civil servant in 2019

We are glad to share some results of our Urban Planning Studio “Resilient urban quarters – strategies for the development of a medium-sized city to

This Library brings together the findings and recommendations of the members of the Ro3kvit Urban Coalition, as well as partners and other organisations and researchers

Regeneration is not only a theme of local importance, but a global challenge that all countries must face, both developed and developing ones. The issues that comprehensive